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Plaquettes de frein avant Epic Friction FORD Fiesta

Front brake pads Epic Friction FORD Fiesta

Front brake pads Epic Friction for FORD Fiesta with rear drum
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Front brake pads Epic Friction for FORD Fiesta with rear drum

Years of circulation : From 2011 to 2014

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  • Quality materials  


  • Inserts made in the USA
  • Cold and hot braking zone gain

What are EPIC Friction pads?

EPIC friction is an American brand. The pads are made in the USA by a large group specialized in performance and racing parts. EPIC friction pads are designed for sustained use. A sporty driving in the context of leisure circuit for example, it is ideal.

Our opinion on these pads :

We equip a vehicle of the French Drift championship with EPIC pads. In one season, the team has not changed the pads once. The wear rate at the end of the season was 50%! Incredible! EPIC pads are very efficient in cold and hot conditions, wear slowly and make almost no dust or noise. A very good investment for your performance ;)


Why choose EPIC Friction?

No dust. EPIC inserts are designed with quality materials that reduce dust by up to 90% compared to entry-level inserts.
Quiet inserts. The clean composition of EPIC friction pads also makes them quiet. No frictional noise like some competition pads.
Efficient pads. EPIC pads give you efficient braking in cold or hot conditions, with almost 5% less braking distance than a standard pad.


plaquettes epic


After 800kms :

Standard pads :

Plaquettes standard

EPIC Pads :

Plaquettes EPIC

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