Pack Ignition Coils Ignition Projects for Audi/Volkswagen 1.4TSI

ignition sticks, Ignition Projects for Volkswagen/Audi

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ignition sticks, high efficiency, Ignition Projects for Volkswagen/Audi .

Coils Ignition Projects are ignition coils with an integrated high-performance power amplifier. They can produce 4 times more ignition energy than serial coils and thus quickly generate a discharge of multiple sparks, up to 10 x more to the high speed beaches.

The ignition intensity is increased by 100%, allowing the spark to reach much more molecules and thus accelerate the ignition and combustion process. This is extremely important in forced induction applications but thus improves the performance of atmospheric engines. Power gain, reduction of consumption and very strong resistance over time. Essential for large preparations but also for original engines.

The ignition coils are sold in a complete pack, so you can equip your vehicle. It is recommended to change all coils for a perfect homogeneity of ignition.

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Find all my useful tips :

  • The coils are emptied of their electronic circuit to be completely rebuilt from the inside.
  • High quality materials!
  • A micro-controller to ensure a fast and adapted response to the demand. Ensure quality, high performance or daily ignition with Ignition Projects reinforced coils.

Have you forgotten anything in your preparation?

We always think of installing an intake kit or a sport exhaust, but do we think of the ignition? It is rarely the case.

Yet the ignition is crucial in the engine's operation.

Good spark plugs, but also good coils. The original coils have a limit, the one they were designed for. They are often too weak to keep up with the engine's speed, so you lose power and over-consume.

Opt for Plasma direct Okada Projects/Ignition projectcs coils.

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