Conversion unit at Bio-Ethanol Eflexfuel

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Conversion unit at Bio-Ethanol Eflexfuel Indirect injection vehicles only

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Attention: the cases are assembled according to your vehicle and injectors. You have to count +/-1 week waiting. In accordance with the VGCs, on the copy of the computer supports, the right of withdrawal does not apply to these products. The ECO range no longer exists, please do not take into account the table below on this option

Do you know the Bio-Ethanol Eflexfuel boxes?

Made from Finland, Simple and efficient, they are compatible with 4 to 8 cylinder petrol vehicles since the late 1990s. They allow you to regulate the opening time of the injectors of your vehicle according to the fuel you put and thus avoid driving "too poor" and damage your engine.

Our enclosures are equipped with an E85 ethanol sensor, which allows you to mix gasoline and ethanol in any proportion. The case will automatically calculate the % of the mixture and adapt the injection.

Using its temperature sensor, it will also adapt the % of opening according to the external temperature and engine temperature. It is also self-adaptative. In the event of cold start difficulties, it will record the problem and adapt so that it no longer represents.

All you have to do is connect the connectors to the injectors and the ethanol sensor on the gasoline circuit using the quick connectors provided. It is simple and fast with the help of the manual or many online videos.

Be careful, change spark plugs with Irridium spark plugs if possible, to improve combustion!

Precise your registration to the command, to receive the right cable beam!

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