The Chronopost delivery arrives at home Dynaparts !

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A product is in stock at our home and you want to be delivered quickly?

If you see the "Chrono *" logo on a product (see photo if below) it means that the product is eligible to be shipped in Chronopost.

What are the conditions?

1/ May the product be in Stock in our warehouse only (most manufacturers do not offer Chronopost, especially from abroad)

2/ Order a business day (Monday to Friday excluding holidays and holidays).

3 /Order before 13h

We will send the package on the same day* for delivery the next day before 1 pm (booking on Saturday included)

A question? contact us!

*with the exception of a force majeure independent of our will (postal strikes, disturbances of the chronopost network, closure of sorting center...etc...). Valid only on the mainland of Metropolitan France.