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Since its creation in 2011, the company JDM Distribution is mainly recognized under its French brand "Dynaparts". Specialized in the sale of automotive parts, the brand "Dynaparts" (contraction of Dynamic Parts) offers a vast catalog of products intended for the preparation and improvement of the performance of your vehicle.

Beyond our brand, we are official distributors and wholesalers of equally well-known sister brands. And it is through this "multi-brand" website that we will rename the Dynaparts "Hubshop", from this month of July, that we offer them to you.

An online sales site offering privileged access to a complete range of more than 50 renowned and trusted brands, such as Milltek, APR, Racingline, CTS Turbo, GFB, among which you will find our own brand: Dynaparts.

Hubshop Dynaparts


The Dynaparts Hubshop is more than just an online store. It is your ultimate destination for performance spare parts, made up of a wide range of brands known around the world. Why this name? "Hub" as a crossroads of all brands and logistics platform and "shop" as an online store.

Imagine a meeting place where you can find a carefully chosen selection of more than 50 trusted brands, all under one roof. This is what Dynaparts offers you: brands rigorously chosen from all over the world (USA, England, Australia ... etc ...) for their quality and innovation.

Whether you are looking for parts to improve the power of your engine, accessories to personalize the appearance of your vehicle or products for maintenance, the Dynaparts Hub Shop has everything you need.

Our team of enthusiasts is here to advise you and guide you in your choices.

Explore our automotive world and discover brands such as Forge Motorsport, GFB, Scorpion Exhaust, Milltek, Spec, Sachs Performance, 034 Motorsport, ARP Bolts and many more. At our company, performance and quality are at the heart of everything we do.

So come on in to Hub Shop Dynaparts, where our passion for cars is reflected in every part we offer.

Dynaparts the brand


Dynaparts is our brand of innovative spare parts for automotive preparation and performance. We are committed to creating high-quality products that meet the needs of speed and performance enthusiasts, whether they are seasoned racing drivers or tuning enthusiasts.

Our product range includes a variety of parts, from high-performance fuel pumps to reinforced ignition coils, air intake kits and silicone hoses. Each part is designed with precision and rigor, thus meeting the highest quality standards.

We are proud to support "made in France" for our parts as much as possible. From design to machining, laser cutting, 3D design, and electronic assembly, as well as the manufacturing of custom components, meeting the highest quality standards.

As ardent followers of automotive pleasure, we also believe in the importance of sport and its passion. We actively support sporting events and creators through sponsorship.

Discover our Dynaparts brand on our Hubshop but also on our website ondynaparts.com and explore a world of possibilities to optimize your driving experience.

A network of garages

Dynaparts garages

Dynaparts is also a network of customer and partner garages. Specialists in engine optimization, mechanics and engine reprogramming. In addition, with a growing network of approved partner stores with more than 20 points of sale and assembly centers (for France); we can offer you the possibility of purchasing products of the brand "Dynaparts" everywhere in France.


Dynaparts encourages creation through sponsorship. Are you a content creator? Passionate about cars? Contact us and take advantage of our affiliate system.

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