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Ressorts courts Eibach-Prokit pour Alfa Romeo 145 / 146 (930)

Short springs Eibach-Prokit for Alfa Romeo 145 / 146 (930)

Kit "Prokit"

Alfa Romeo 145 / 146 (930) 1.4, 1.6, 1.7, 1.9Td, 2.0 QV Year: 3.97-1.01

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Short springs Eibach- Kit for

Alfa Romeo 145 / 146 (930) 1.4, 1.6, 1.7, 1.9Td, 2.0 QV

Year: 3.97-1.01

Average lowering before (mm): 30

Medium lowering (mm): 30

Spring kits can be delivered by 2 following the vehicle chassis type. Some options may interfere with mounting (High diameter anti-roll bar...).

The photographs are non-contractual. The product delivered may vary from the photograph. Colors can vary depending on the vehicle model.

More information from the customer service.

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Additional note:

For the users of Barres anti-rappling, combined threaded, short springs or low suspensions, the mounting of wheel holds may be necessary. The lowering of springs is always given on the basis of a standard chassis. If you have a sports chassis option, the lowering of it will be to be deducted. Same if special equipment (4x4, leather, 3 doors, auto box...etc...) the lowering can sometimes vary by a few millimeters due to extra weight. The lowerings are thus never perfectly identical to the millimeter, no need to look for the detail at the sliding foot, of course.

Background : If your vehicle is equipped with Wheel studs, measure the length of your studs before ordering. Because if you take low layers, the studs will exceed and prevent the pose of the rim. It will then be necessary to foresee the purchase of studs with a suitable head length as these are not provided with the holds.

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Filter the type of partsSuspension: spring kit
spring type:Eibach-Prokit
Refine the lowering of your shock absorbers (AV/AR):30/30
Max. axle load allowed front shock absorbers (Kg):-950
Max axle load allowed rear shock absorbers (Kg):-900

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