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Oil Management Kit / MQB / Replacement Top PCV Plate Seal Only (for use with Oil Management Kit VWR13G700)
7,37 €

Ref: VWR130004

Oil Management Kit Service Kit, all hardware (for use with Oil Management Kit VWR13G700)
37,68 €

Ref: VWR13G700-SERV

Enhance your Golf V's performance with the RacingLine VWR1200BUNG direct intake kit adapter. Designed for turbo K04, compatible with both manual and automatic transmissions.
26,21 €

Ref: VWR1200BUNG

Keep your air filter performing optimally with the RacingLine VWR120000 kit, including oil and cleaner specially designed for three-layer foam filters.
36,04 €
Out of stock

Ref: VWR120000

Enhance your Audi S4 3.0 Supercharged's performance with the RacingLine VWR1140S4 air filter. Designed to improve airflow and optimize engine response.
129,41 €

Ref: VWR1140S4

Enhance your Polo 1.4 GTI's performance with the high-flow Trifoam VWR11P0GT air filter from RacingLine. The ideal first step for engine upgrades with RacingLine quality.
121,21 €

Ref: VWR11P0GT

Enhance your Audi S4 3.0T (B9)'s performance with the RacingLine VWR1141S4 high-flow air filter. Designed for improved air intake and turbo optimization.
163,80 €

Ref: VWR1141S4

Enhance your Volkswagen Transporter T5/T6 2.0TDi's performance with the high-performance RacingLine VWR11TR20 air filter. Designed to improve airflow and engine responsiveness.
90,10 €

Ref: VWR11TR20

Unlock your Volkswagen UP GTI's potential with the RacingLine VWR11UPGT air filter. Designed for enhanced air intake and increased engine responsiveness.
101,56 €


Boost your Volkswagen's performance with the RacingLine VWR11G502 air filter. Designed for Golf 5 GTI, Golf 6 R, and Scirocco R, this filter improves airflow for better engine responsiveness.
81,90 €

Ref: VWR11G502

Enhance your engine's performance with the RacingLine VWR11G503 air filter. Specifically designed for Golf 5 R32, TTS mk2, TTRS mk2, RSQ3 8U, this filter improves engine breathing and responsiveness.
81,90 €

Ref: VWR11G503

Enhance your Audi A3 III Cabrio 1.8 TFSI's performance with the high-flow Trifoam VWR11G701 air filter from RacingLine. The perfect first step for your engine upgrades.
98,28 €

Ref: VWR11G701

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