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Enhance your Golf V's performance with the RacingLine VWR1200BUNG direct intake kit adapter. Designed for turbo K04, compatible with both manual and automatic transmissions.
26,21 €

Ref: VWR1200BUNG

Keep your air filter performing optimally with the RacingLine VWR120000 kit, including oil and cleaner specially designed for three-layer foam filters.
36,04 €

Ref: VWR120000

Enhance your Audi S4 3.0 Supercharged's performance with the RacingLine VWR1140S4 air filter. Designed to improve airflow and optimize engine response.
129,41 €

Ref: VWR1140S4

Enhance your Polo 1.4 GTI's performance with the high-flow Trifoam VWR11P0GT air filter from RacingLine. The ideal first step for engine upgrades with RacingLine quality.
121,21 €

Ref: VWR11P0GT

Enhance your Audi S4 3.0T (B9)'s performance with the RacingLine VWR1141S4 high-flow air filter. Designed for improved air intake and turbo optimization.
163,80 €

Ref: VWR1141S4

Enhance your Volkswagen Transporter T5/T6 2.0TDi's performance with the high-performance RacingLine VWR11TR20 air filter. Designed to improve airflow and engine responsiveness.
90,10 €

Ref: VWR11TR20

Unlock your Volkswagen UP GTI's potential with the RacingLine VWR11UPGT air filter. Designed for enhanced air intake and increased engine responsiveness.
101,56 €


Boost your Volkswagen's performance with the RacingLine VWR11G502 air filter. Designed for Golf 5 GTI, Golf 6 R, and Scirocco R, this filter improves airflow for better engine responsiveness.
81,90 €

Ref: VWR11G502

Enhance your engine's performance with the RacingLine VWR11G503 air filter. Specifically designed for Golf 5 R32, TTS mk2, TTRS mk2, RSQ3 8U, this filter improves engine breathing and responsiveness.
81,90 €

Ref: VWR11G503

Enhance your Audi A3 III Cabrio 1.8 TFSI's performance with the high-flow Trifoam VWR11G701 air filter from RacingLine. The perfect first step for your engine upgrades.
98,28 €

Ref: VWR11G701

Enhance your MQB 1.2/1.4 engine's efficiency with the high-flow Trifoam VWR11G714 air filter from RacingLine. The ideal first choice to boost your engine upgrades.
106,48 €

Ref: VWR11G714

Enhance your engine's performance with the RacingLine VWR11G501 air filter. Designed for Golf 5, 6, and Scirocco 2.0 TSI, TDI, 1.4 TSI (170hp), this filter ensures improved air intake for increased power.
81,90 €

Ref: VWR11G501

Enhance your Volkswagen Polo V 1.8 GTI's performance with the RacingLine VWR11P1GT air filter. Engineered for increased power and optimal engine response.
106,48 €

Ref: VWR11P1GT

Badges of safe Racingline Black or Chrome, at your choice.
12,29 €

Ref: VWR80000x

Spare disc Pair 330mm for large brake kits
614,26 €

Ref: VWR680014

Brake fluid Racingline for large brake kits
22,93 €

Ref: VWR69000BF1

One of the simplest and most economical improvements you can bring to your Golf 7 or other vehicle to the MQB chassis: the brake hoses Racingline.
180,18 €


Brake pads for Racingline 4-piston large brake kit, first generation (sold before 2021)
237,52 €

Ref: VWR670001/2/3

Cache Carbone Racingline for admission R600/R601/R602 2.0 TSI and 1.8 TSI MQB / EA888.3 / 3B
424,25 €

Ref: VWR121000/VWR121001

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