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Adapter Direct intake kit Racingline for VOLKSWAGEN Golf V (10/2003 - 11/2008)
24,96 €

Ref: VWR1200BUNG

Air filter cleaner and intake kit Racingline
34,32 €

Ref: VWR120000

Air filter for Audi S4 3.0 Supercharged brand Racingline
123,24 €

Ref: VWR1140S4

The first ideal step for your engine upgrades Polo 1.4 GTI, the high-flow cylindrical air filter Trifoam uses the same filter material as the intake kits Racingline
115,44 €

Ref: VWR11P0GT

Air filter for Audi RS3 8V FL 400BHP of the brand Racingline
85,80 €

Ref: VWR1130RS

The new 3.0 TFSI turbocharged engine of all new B9 S4 and S5 will actually benefit from the air filter Racingline TriFoam high-speed.
156,00 €

Ref: VWR1141S4

Large flow air filter Racingline for Volkswagen Amarok
85,80 €

Ref: VWR11A001

Air filter Racingline for Volkswagen Transporter T5/T6 2.0TDi
85,80 €

Ref: VWR11TR20

Air filter Racingline for Volkswagen UP GTIi
96,72 €


VWR air filter for Golf 5 GTI, Golf 6 R, Scirocco R
78,00 €

Ref: VWR11G502

VWR air filter for Golf 5 R32, TTS mk2 , TTRS mk2, RSQ3 8U
78,00 €

Ref: VWR11G503

The first ideal step for your upgrades to your Audi A3 III Cabrio 1.8 TFSI engine, the high-flow air filter Trifoam
93,60 €

Ref: VWR11G701

The first ideal step for your upgrades to your MQB 1.2/1.4 engine, Trifoam high-flow air filter
101,40 €

Ref: VWR11G714

78,00 €

Ref: VWR11G501

Sport air filter Racingline for Polo 1.8 GTI or Ibiza Cupra 1.8
101,40 €

Ref: VWR11P1GT

Badges of safe Racingline Black or Chrome, at your choice.
11,70 €

Ref: VWR80000x

Small length sticker for low doors Racingline
60,90 €

Ref: VWR800001-frst

Spare disc Pair 330mm for large brake kits
585,00 €

Ref: VWR680014

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