Kit shock absorbers/outputs AP Sport AUDI A6

Kit shock absorbers/outputs AP Sport AUDI A6
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Bannière AP Sport

AUDI A6 (4F) Break 2WD 2.0TFSi, 2.4, 2.8FSi, 3.0, 3.2FSi, 2.0TDi

Power in KW100-213

Year of circulation: 03/05-02/11

Weight on front axle: -1215

Weight on rear axle: -1240

Front/rear drawdown: 30/30

Reference : SP10-056

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  • Dynaparts is a distributor of the AP Sport brand. Factory direct delivery, without intermediary.


  • You want to be sure of the compatibility of a product? You can't find the right one for your vehicle? You want to know the exact waiting time for the product you want to buy? I invite you to visit the AP Sport search engine. You will find all the information you need. I am also available if needed. AP Sport website.

Important note about the springs kits: The pictures are illustrations. Be careful when buying springs to check the product description. Sometimes the pictures show 4 springs when you only buy 2. Example: If the lowering given is only for the front, it means that you will only get the front springs.

Note that the kits are delivered in sufficient quantity to equip the vehicle. If your vehicle does not have original rear springs, there will not be any in the kit either. Shock absorbers are sold individually; please choose the quantity you need.

Be careful to read the technical notes, compatibility problems may occur if you do not pay attention to the contraindications.

AP Sport products are designed to be mounted on original cups. The original bumpers can also be taken back if not included. Shock absorbers are sold without accessories (no bumpers, no dust covers, no cups). Make sure you have received and checked your package before ordering any additional accessories.

Filter the type of partsSuspension: Short springs and shock absorbers
Refine the lowering of your shock absorbers (AV/AR):30/30
Max. axle load allowed front shock absorbers (Kg):-1215
Max axle load allowed rear shock absorbers (Kg):-1240
Model:A6 (4F) Break 2WD
Motorizations (Power/Cylinder):2.0TFSi, 2.4, 2.8FSi, 3.0, 3.2FSi, 2.0TDi

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