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Goujons à tête plate Eibach M14x2

Gulls with flat head Eibach M14x2

Gulls with flat head Eibach Fileting / No screws : M14x2
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Gulls with flat head Eibach

Fileting / No screws: M14x2

Head length (mm): 38

Cannel Diameter (mm): Canelure 15.9

Define the screw head length, bolt shape, and thread.

The shape of the seat, or seat of the screw or bolt, is very important.

There are 2 large seating form categories:

Conical (a cone form)

Spherical (like a half ball).

The majority of the accessory rims, i.e. NO of origin, must be installed with screws or conical seat nut.

The length under the head is determined by the thickness of the mounted hold. For example, if you have a length under the head of 37mm of origin, and you mount a 20mm layer of thickness, you can take a length under the head of 57mm. More information from the customer service.

WARNING: By obvious safety measure the screws are neither recovered nor exchanged. Product Sold individually, please select the required quantity. For more information before your purchase we invite you to contact us.

Non-contractual photography, the product delivered may vary and will be consistent with its description. German manufacturing.

Bannière Eibach


Filter the type of partsMiscellaneous: Miscellaneous Accessory
Head length38
Diameter canelure15.9

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