Hyper-lubrifiant Mecacyl CR spécial vidange

Hyper-lubricant Mecacyl CRBio special vehicle draining with Bio Ethanol E85, 100ml

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MECACYL CRbio: Innovation at the Service of Bioethanol Engines

For motor racing enthusiasts and vehicle preparation specialists, adaptation to new energy sources is a constant challenge. MECACYL CRbio is positioned as a revolutionary solution for engines running on bioethanol. Designed specifically to meet the unique needs of these engines, MECACYL CRbio is the result of extensive research aimed at maximizing performance while protecting the environment.

Technical Characteristics of MECACYL CRbio

The MECACYL CRbio offers a multitude of essential benefits for your bioethanol engine:

  • Reduction of friction: Thanks to its advanced formula, MECACYL CRbio creates a hyper-lubricating barrier which reduces friction between mechanical parts, thus allowing a notable increase in performance and power of the engine.
  • Optimal engine protection: MECACYL CRbio offers superior protection against premature wear of parts, thus ensuring increased engine longevity and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Improved energy efficiency: By reducing the internal resistance of the engine, MECACYL CRbio contributes to better energy efficiency, resulting in a reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.< /li>
  • Extensive compatibility: Specially designed for engines running on bioethanol (E85), MECACYL CRbio is also compatible with all types of gasoline engines, offering a versatile solution for different vehicles.
  • Ease of use: The application of MECACYL CRbio is simple and can be carried out by any user, without the need for special equipment or technical modifications to the engine.

Why is MECACYL CRbio Essential for Your Bioethanol Engine?

The use of MECACYL CRbio in your bioethanol engine represents a strategic choice for any driver concerned about the performance and durability of their vehicle. Whether for use in competition, for more ecological daily driving, or for the long-term preservation of your engine, MECACYL CRbio proves to be an indispensable ally.

User Manual

Incorporating MECACYL CRbio into your engine maintenance regime is an easy process. It is recommended to add the product directly to the fuel tank when filling up with bioethanol, respecting the recommended proportions to optimize its effectiveness. The beneficial effects of MECACYL CRbio are quickly noticeable, providing an improved and more environmentally friendly driving experience.

In conclusion, MECACYL CRbio is the ideal solution for owners of vehicles running on bioethanol wishing to improve the performance of their engine while contributing to environmental protection. Thanks to its significant advantages and ease of use, MECACYL CRbio has established itself as the preferred choice for enthusiasts of ecological and high-performance cars.

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Liquides et additifsHyper-Lubrifiants Auto
Volume / Litrage100ml

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