Taking a catback with or without an intermediary?

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What dilemma... what choice? A line with or without intermediary?

Most of the time sports stainless exhaust manufacturers offer two types of configurations for their cat-back.

With or without intermediary.

Although sometimes it is the back part that is proposed in tube rather than the intermediary (Golf 6...), the principle is the same: Make sound!

Thus the line without intermediate silencer (with a tube instead) is called "Non-resonated" and the line with an intermediate silencer "resonated".

These English terms summarize the sound effect of this choice. With or without resonance.

If you choose a cat-back equipped with the same number of silencers as the original line, it will certainly make a better sound, but will not discomfort you further with stabilized speed or long journeys. It is a good way to have a nice sound (related to the design of the silencers, materials and tube diameter), but without having the permanent gene in the passenger compartment. Just a good twist and a sound unveiled during accelerations. A maximum choice of CE-approved products is also found in this design.

If you take a cat-back with a silencer in less, the sound will be much more present (although attention is paid to recent diesels or essences, the FAP has a lot of sound...). With a longer tube, the resonance effects appear. Since the pipe is longer, the gas resonates with the tube and creates vibration that spreads to the cabin. It's pretty unpleasant over long distances. It's a more "pleasure" choice for Sunday walks, trails...and...

So make your choice knowing. Identify your needs to adapt your order.

Note, however, that we detail all your exhaust parts. If tomorrow you just want to change the tube by a silencer, we can provide it to you. useless then to order a new line ;)