Understanding NGK performance spark plugs

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You don't understand anything in the range NGK We'll try to bring you keys to better understand.

We regularly have questions about the range NGK and how to find oneself among all this choice.

We'll give you keys to better understand what spark plugs you're guiding among the range we're offering.

To summarize, we offer 3 families of products in NKG.

  • ✱The Patinum sparks plugs conforming to the original range,
  • Iridium sparks plugs say sports candles,
  • The Racing sparks plugs for the competition.

In each of these ranges, several "cold" indices exist.

The figures and numbers contained in the sparks plugs reference are the illustration. The higher the index, the colder the spark plug.

A concrete example in EA113 engine spark plug.

  • In the platinum:PFR7S8EG are original spark plug. ♪PFR8S8EG are identical, but a little colder. Ideal if you have an original vehicle or internship 1.
  • In the iridium:BKR8EIXare the most used for ethanol prepas, just as hottestBKR7EIX, although not necessarily advised because with a design different from the origin.
  • In Racing: a progressive graduation allows choice with an original design:R7433-8, then R7433-9 or R7433-10. We also find it with a 45° electrode dedicated to modified ash vehicle, the R7434-9.

On some engines (e.g. EA888gen3), some sparks plugs families do not exist. We pass platinum to racing for example. And sometimes even, like for example on THP 308GTI our RCZ-R, already special original sparks plugs do not have any equivalent in the Racing range.

Please note: A spark plug whose reference does not change only by 1 digit is a spark plug that has only its thermal index. The colder it is, the more recommended it is on blocks that heat. Prepared blocks.

These are not targeted answers, but leads to guide you. In case of doubt, we are of course at your disposal.