FAP deletion + Location of probes on Defap

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A question often asked, is there the location of the probes on a Defap?

A quick response is required. Sometimes it's yes, sometimes not.

In fact, manufacturers only hand over the necessary mapping.

Because yes, removing an FAP requires doing so both mechanically and electronically.

A FAP is an anti-pollution element that is essential to the CT crossing or to drive on open road. This part is a filter that mouths by soot if it is not cleaned regularly. This is done automatically by the vehicle. It's called "regeneration." It is automatic and generated by specific shelled probes on it. If you delete the FAP by a tube, it will also be necessary to deactivate this regeneration function electronically.

As a result, deflections are not necessarily equipped with all probes.

They only have the necessary ones after the cartography!

So no panic, manufacturers do not make useless products, they are mostly sold for years, and if they were not properly manufactured, they would have been modified for a long time. If all preparers pose them without concern, yours will also do so;)