My stainless steel line is rusty, is it normal?

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Your stainless steel line shows traces of rust?

We'll explain the reason in a few words.

At first glance, you think that the stainless steel doesn't rust, that your line is of poor quality, that the manufacturers are threatening the quality of their products...and you're wrong.

Manufacturers don't mislead you on quality. The flood is rustling!

To be more precise, it's not rust, it's "surface oxidation". Which is different from rust.

The very structure of the metal does not rust. What you see is superficial oxidation related to attacks of rain, mud, see salt of roads.

Metal is not an eternal mirror, it works with heat and weather. As a result, often comes to grafting on oxidation points.

A solution is to brush the invisible part of the exhaust, if you are embarrassed by this effect, and to use for the visible part, the tips, a chandelier.

It's true that the orange tip is not the most beautiful effect...for the rest, is it necessary? To you to see ;)

In any case, the more you let the tracks drag, the more they intrude into the metal and end up leaving points well inlaid. So hurry!