Remove an EGR valve with a diagnostic suitcase?

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We are often asked, can I delete an engine light with a suitcase after removing the EGR?

We're trying to answer you the most clearly.

In most cases, of course, it is not possible.

Apart from a few exceptions at VAG in the 2003s on EDC-15 calculators, it is not possible to permanently delete the engine light from the dashboard related to the removal of the EGR valve!

It's actually quite logical. Condemning the EGR valve since 2003 often generates a light on the dashboard. The calculator sees that the valve is blocked, even if you do not unplug any electrical socket. At each opening control of the valve, it controls that it reacts electrically, but also ensures that a depression is created. Indeed, when the valve opens, the difference in pressure between the exhaust and the intake raises the exhaust gas and creates a depression. This is checked by the calculator by controlling the air flowmeter.

Thus, when you condemn the valve simply, the calculator no longer sees this flowmeter fluctuation thinks of a defective valve.

So, a light is on. That's where the problem is.

A suitcase will only erase the light, but will not settle the "problem" encountered by the calculator. The light will of course return as long as the "problem" that meets the calculator will not be settled. Your suitcase doesn't repair the vehicle, it erases the light.

There are more sieurs solutions then. Buy a complete kit with electronic detromper (if available for your vehicle), drill the plate (to redo the circuit minima, if possible), or reprogramming the calculator!

This is the last solution. Use engine reprogramming software, and not a simple suitcase. And for that, you have to address an engine reprogrammer!

We remain available in the event of any questions.