Track thicknesses Eibach 100x4 in 15 mm

Pair of system lane widths 4 Distance between centers 100x4 Alesage 54mm thickness 15mm piece

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Bannière Eibach


Pair of wheels Eibach. Full-mass aluminum lanes with steel insert. German manufacturing.

Sold in pairs.

Thickness in mm (coating): 15 mm

total width by axles: 30 mm

Distance between centers: 100x4

Moyeu Diameter (Alsage): 54 mm

Fastening thread: M12x1.5

Colori des cales : Aluminium

Screws included

With rim centerer

Fixing system: Double bolt

Fixing system by studs

Type of system Eibach 4

kit reference : S90-4-15-015

Example of compatible vehicles:

ABARTH 124 SPIDER (348_) 03.16 -

FIAT 124 SPIDER (348_) 03.16 -

HYUNDAI I20 (GB, IB) 11.14 -

HYUNDAI i20 ACTIVE (IB, GB) 09.15 -

HYUNDAI i20 Coupe (GB) 05.15 -

KIA RIO III (UB) 09.11 -


KIA RIO IV (YB, SC, FB) 01.17 -

KIA STONIC (YB) 07.17 -

MAZDA 2 (DL,DJ) 11.14 -


MAZDA MX 5 IV (ND) 04.15 -

MAZDA MX 5 RF (ND) 12.16-

TOYOTA YARIS (_P1_) 01.99 - 12.05

TOYOTA YARIS (_P9_) 08.05 -

TOYOTA YARIS (_P13_) 12.10 -

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Find all my useful tips :

  • If you are looking for the compatibility of a shim, a set of Eibach suspension springs, or even to find a reference for your vehicle, I invite you to go to the Eibach search engine. Isolate the reference which is appropriate to you and communicate it to us, we will help you to find it on our Internet site: Eibach Online Catalogue.
  • You are looking for Eibach fasteners for your wedges or your vehicle? Click here and activate the search engine to find the right reference: Search engine for Eibach fasteners.
  • Find my tips in our FAQ, on how to measure a lowering or how to measure the thickness of a shim for your vehicle.

Additional note:

For users of Rumble Bars, threaded combos, short springs, or low suspensions, wheel chock mounting may be required. Spring lowering is always given on a standard chassis basis. If you have a sport chassis option, the lowering of this one will be deducted. The same goes for special equipment (4x4, leather, 3 doors, auto gearbox...etc...) the lowering can sometimes vary by a few millimeters because of the extra weight. The lowerings are never perfectly identical to the millimeter, no need to go looking for the detail with the caliper, of course.

Reminder: If your vehicle is equipped with wheel studs, measure the length of your studs before ordering. If you use thin wheel studs, the studs will protrude and prevent the installation of the rim. It will then be necessary to buy studs with a suitable length under the head because they are not supplied with the chocks.

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