BMC CDA Ford Focus ST 225 Hp CDASP-31 admission kit

BMC CDA admission kit for Ford Focus ST 225 Hp
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BMC Filter

BMC Filter


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BMC CDA admission kit for Ford Focus ST 225 Hp

Dimensions (see photographs):

L1 (mm): 204

L2 (mm): 233

L3 (mm): 300/450

Ø1 (mm): 153

Ø2 (mm): 82

Ø3 (mm): 80

Ø4 (mm): 82

Reference: CDASP-31

Any doubt about compatibility with your vehicle?

Contact the customer service before ordering, it is simple and fast.

BMC air filters is today one of the leaders in the design, development and manufacture of high performance air filters and direct intake systems. A team of engineers and technicians have been working for more than 10 years to analyze and control fluxes. This in-depth knowledge of gas aspiration, acceleration and driving phenomena allows them to provide the most prestigious factory teams in areas as diverse as FORMULE 1, DTM, RALLYE, endurance tests. All this experience gained in contact with such prestigious and demanding partners as FERRARI, BMW, MERCEDES, TOYOTA, PORSCHE, AUDI allows BMC air filters to offer you a range of replacement products for your daily use.

The BMC intake kits are equipped with cotton gas filters, which periodically cleanse this by using our oil-based cleaning kits. We advise you every 20,000km to maintain an original air filter.


Find all my useful tips :

  • You can find all the compatibilities of BMC products on the supplier's website: Compatibility BMC

  • Always present your sport filters in your original air box without taking it out of its bag. If you take your filter out of its bag, you will not be able to send it back to us if you made a mistake. To ensure its good conservation, it will not be taken back if unpacked.
  • We are BMC distributors, we have a very large range of air filters.

Don't forget to take your cleaning kit!

Why choose a BMC intake kit or air filter?

Air Filters:

BMC air filters come as replacements for the original filters, in the original airbox, without any modifications. Some vehicle models require a mechanic to access the air box and replace the filter. We draw your attention to the fact that some vehicles have very sensitive sensors integrated in the air boxes (flow meter). It is advised to protect them before any manipulation.

High performance models due to their design and manufacture, they allow a superior air flow and thus contribute to improve the efficiency of your engine by a better combustion. BMC air filters are made from multi-layer cotton gauze soaked in low viscosity oil and sandwiched between two epoxy treated aluminum grids to prevent oxidation from smoke and moisture. Main benefits of choosing a BMC air filter for your car:

- Increased power

- Improved torque

- Extends the life of your engine

- Reduced fuel consumption

- Cleanable and therefore reusable filter

Dust and other particles are attracted and captured by the cotton fibers, and are immobilized. This principle does not slow down the air flow and ensures a regular, constant and important "clean" air flow. BMC air filters benefit from a manufacturing process called "full mass". The rubber elastomer that holds the aluminum grids and the multi-layer cotton gauze together is made in one piece without any joints or welding. Thus, even under extreme temperature conditions, no deformation is observed. The filter remains in place without any leakage and thus ensures optimal operation.

BMC filters, including those contained in the intake kits, are delivered pre-oiled and therefore ready to use.

Do you want better performance? Choose our direct intake kits or our air boxes!/p>

Our team remains at your disposal for more information.

Materials:Clock oiled
Filter the type of partsEngine: Intake kits
Motorization:2.5T ST (225 cv)
Model:Focus II (09/2004 - 02/2011)
EngineIntake kits

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