Adapter Direct intake kit Racingline golf 5 VWR1200BUNG

Enhance your Golf V's performance with the RacingLine VWR1200BUNG direct intake kit adapter. Designed for turbo K04, compatible with both manual and automatic transmissions.




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The RacingLine VWR1200BUNG direct intake kit adapter is the ultimate accessory for owners of the Volkswagen Golf V (10/2003 - 11/2008) looking to boost their engine's performance with a turbo K04. This adapter is crafted to facilitate the integration of a direct intake system, significantly improving engine breathability and thereby performance.

Technical Description:

  • Vehicle Compatibility: Specifically for Volkswagen Golf V (10/2003 - 11/2008).
  • Designed for Turbo K04: Adapter optimized for turbo K04 configurations, ensuring uncompromised installation and maximum efficiency.
  • Transmission Compatibility: Engineered to be compatible with vehicles featuring both manual and automatic transmissions, offering complete flexibility.
  • Installation: Easy installation with a custom design. Note: sold without hoses.
  • Materials: Made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and performance.


  • Performance Improvement: Enhances airflow to the engine, offering an increase in power and torque.
  • Versatility: Compatible with both manual and automatic transmission systems, allowing for universal use across all Golf V models.
  • RacingLine Quality: Benefit from the quality and expertise of RacingLine, a leader in automotive performance parts.

Conclusion: The RacingLine VWR1200BUNG direct intake kit adapter represents a significant upgrade for any Volkswagen Golf V equipped with a turbo K04. Whether you have a manual or automatic transmission, this adapter is designed to maximize your vehicle's performance without compromise. Give your Golf V the RacingLine advantage for optimal performance.

Filter the type of partsEngine: Intake kits Accessories
Motorization:2.0 TFSI 30th. Ann. (230 cv)
Motorization:2.0 TFSI GTI (200 cv)
Model:Golf V (10/2003 - 11/2008)

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