How do I find her shock absorbers?

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How to use the website to find its shock absorbers?

We have set up a search engine above the product list for your vehicle. If you are looking for dampers or combined threaded, see springs, we explain here how to proceed.

With the help of the search engine, click "filtrate the piece type" to make a sort among the products we offer (vignette 1). You will see a category "suspension:xxxx" . This is where you have to make your selection.

We offer several types of products. It's up to you to choose what you're looking for from short springs, spare dampers alone, packs or threaded handsets.

Is there too much choice? Are you lost?

It is for this purpose that appear after your first choice 3 other dropping stripes. They only appear if you made a first selection among the "suspensions", to refine the research. They offer you to choose a lowering and also sort by weight on axles (link to our explanatory sheets below), as you show the thumbnail number 2.

Once refined, your choice is limited to a few products. A choice by manufacturer is also possible to reduce the products one last time. With 5 possible choices, you have sorted the products at best.

To know:

Our technical sheet:Find the diameter of the force leg.

Our technical sheet:Find his weight on axles.

Our technical sheet: Measure the lowering of the vehicle

Technical note:Down on special shock absorbers

Other information:

A 1-way adjustable handset is a threaded handset with just the height in adjustment possible. A 2 lanes: height and relaxation, a 3 lanes: height, relaxation and compression. A controlled suspension may be replaced by a normal threaded combination model if the vehicle's electronics is disabled (with a deactivation kit for example), or replaced by other plug-and-play or parallel suspensions (more explanation on request. A short and spring shock absorber pack is usually composed of "normal" shock absorbers, only Bilstein offers an alternative with short to broad stem dampers and firm in its "B12" packs.

More information on request