Intercooler Racingline platform MQB EA888.3 1.8/2.0 TSI VWR14G700

The incontournable intercooler Racingline for VAG MQB EA888 gen3.

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The incontournable intercoolerRacinglinefor VAG MQB EA888 gen3.

The intercooler RacinglineWhat is it for?

The original intermediate cooler on the MQB platforms proved unable to cope with the demands of the most powerful cars, resulting in serious power losses during driving in extreme conditions and high speeds. So, what's the intercooler for? Racingline ?
- The intercooler Racinglineis the most efficient intercooler upgrade for MQB Golf 7 GTI, R and Audi S3 platforms.
- By constantly reducing the temperature of the intake air, keeping temperature is minimized, which makes it possible to increase performance ever more. The cooler does not need cooling time, compared to the original one that must have its cooling time.
- The development of this room focused on the search for the "ideal point" between the maximum cooling of the intake air temperature and the minimum pressure loss.
- This cooler tested and approved in race is really essential for every step of setting on any high performance car of the MQB palte-shape.

Features of intercooler

- Maximum size of the intercooler: In order to bring a large flow of air, the size of the intercooler has been increased to the maximum in order to allow the air to enter the tubes of the room
- A sophisticated intercooler: The aluminum construction was developed after rigorous tests to optimize the dimensions of the intercooler, the density of the fins and the airflow in the room
- A smooth air tank: the casting construction of the intercooler is made to minimize turbulence and air restrictions, offering maximum flow throughout the room

Engineer precision for perfect performance...

- The mass depth of 56 mm intercooler Racinglinehas benefited from a carefully optimized design of the fins
- The dimensions of this large 694 mm x 410 mm x 56 mm intercooler
- Don't confuse construction Racinglinewith the other intercooler, which use less expensive but also less efficient construction

An intercooler performance

When we talk about intercooler, it's all about air temperature.

Indeed, the original intercooler of the MQD 2.0 TSI palte-form has difficulty in containing the very important air intake temperatures once the current is restored
Thus, the temperature of the intake air begins to rise rapidly, heat is released, resulting in significant loss of power as the car is used. The only way to recover the performance of the standard intermediate cooler is to park the car for an hour.
The intercooler Racingline greatly influences the temperature control of the intake air inlet, which means that your power will increase continuously. We note a difference of about 20.5°C between the original intercooler and the intercooler Racingline.


- VW Golf 7 GTI 2013+ 5G
- VW Golf 7 R 2013+ 5G
- VW Golf 7 GTI ClubSport 2016+ 5G
- VW Passat 2.0 TSI B8 2015+ 3G

- Audi S3 2013+ 8V
- Audi A3 2.0/1.8 TSI 2013+ 8V
- Audi TT 2.0 TSI III 2014+ 8S (some minor plastic trimming required to fit)
- Audi TTS III 2015+ 8S (some minor plastic trimming required to fit)

- SEAT Leon Cupra III 2014+ 5F

- Skoda Octavia vRS III 2014+ 5E
- Skoda Superb 1.8 / 2.0 TSI 2015+ B8 3V

Some adjustments to the front mask should be made on Audi S3 8V.

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Filter the type of partsEngine: Intercooler/changer
Motorization:2.0 R (300 cv)
Motorization:2.0 R (280 cv)
Model:Golf VII 4Motion (11/2012 - Today)

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